Sameera Junaid Hassan a writer and a journalist was brought up in a family friend’s home after her father, an ex-military officer was disappointed with her birth for not being the son he passionately wished to have. The unrecognized talents of Sameera is discovered and encouraged by the new family. She obtains her first degree in History and comes across a young man, Aliyu, with whom she shares many things in common, but Sameera is already engaged to another young man Sagir Ado, a banker. Sagir is a fiercely jealous person and lacks the necessary devotion to nurture their relationship. She becomes disenchanted with him and abandons him for Aliyu. Few months later, Sameera marries Aliyu. The couple establishes a newspaper company which criticises and condemns a dictatorial military regime in their country under General Danjuma. Sameera comes to harm’s way when she published a book The Law of the Jungle which becomes the biggest challenge of the military. Few days after the publication, she goes missing. The military regime is to blame for her kidnap. New young military officers under the leadership of Brigadier Saleem Sa’ada who is the guardian of Sameera strikes and overthrows the regime of General Danjuma. The new military regime designs a five year transition programme to bring power to its rightful owners, the democratic government. As the elections approach, a political party-UPP comes to Sameera and lobbies her to accept their presidential ticket, but at the same time the opposition party SMP is against the nomination of a woman as the flag bearer. After a protracted race, she wins the seat and becomes an instant political figure in the world. Following her inaugural speech, she intends to actualise her vision of a united economically and politically vibrant African continent as the United States of Africa.



  1. While I was in my early teens, I was taken to a spectacular book Shop by the mother of a friend, looking at the spectacular shows and heaves of thousands books I became gravitated towards books and short story. The above story reminds me some of my early years of reading some books like ‘Tura Ta Kai Bango’ by Danjuma Katsina, published by Northern Nigeria Publishing Press, Zaria, 1999c. I wish the above short story to be turned into a novel one day by my friend Zahradden Kallah. Thanks


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