Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah

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The Creative Writers’ Forum of ANA Kano for the month of August, was held at the American Corner, Kano on 29th August, 2015. The forum was chaired by Bello Sagir Imam who coordinated the two rounds of creative works presentation. The event was well attended with presence of Kano-born poets such as Ismail Bala, Dr. Faruk Sarkinfada, Zaharaddeen Kallah and Almustapha Musa Ilyas. Apart from the renowned poets, some kids were at the occasion to learn from the old poets and writers, and that had made the event very unique.

The first round witnessed a number of poems presentations from young poets. Some of the poems presented included, I Belong to Everybody by B. Balarabe Nigerian Man, Falling in Love by Ibrahim Yahaya Adam, and Let by Maximum Bodmas.

In the question and answer session, Ismail Bala took his time to comment on the types of poems presented. He advised young poets to abide the culture of reading works of other great poets for them to improve their writing skills. He also called for interaction and sharing works among young poets, as a means of correcting each other’s works. To emphasize on this, Dr. Faruk Sarkinfada shared his experience on their time at the British Council, Kano where creative writers’ forum used to take place. According to him, they usually had time after forum discussing about each other works, and at that time they had category of schools and each had its followers among the members of the forum.

The second session had excellent presentations from old and new poets. Some of the pomes presented included, Ten Poems by Ismail Bala, Watering the Trees by Faruk Sarkinfada, the Call of Badala by Zaharaddeen Kallah, There is gain in Losing by Amara Femoh Sesay, and My Sound by Almustapha Musa Ilyas. A short story entitled the Diary of the Corper across the Benue River was part of creative works presented at the session.

At the end of the session, Ismail Bala called upon the members of the forum to patronise the online forum for sharing and critical discussions of their works. ANA Kano runs a facebook group as Creative Writers’ Forum apart of its official facebook account.


Zaharaddeen Ibrahim Kallah was the former branch Secretary, Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Kano State Branch. He works with the Directorate of Academic Planning, Bayero University, Kano.


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