Safiyya Ibrahim Abdulhamid is a poet of two collections, ‘Jewel from the New World’ and ‘Destined by the Rhythm’. She has read and performed some of her poems in local and international fora. Safiyya has travelled to Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the course of her works. In this interview with ZAHARADDEEN IBRAHIM KALLAH, the poet speaks on her style of writing and what she believes on Nigerian writings:

Who is Safiyya Ibrahim Abdulhamid?

I was born in the 90’s in Kano State. My parents are natives of Jigawa State. I did my primary, secondary and undergraduate studies at Bayero University Kano, currently settling in Kano.

When and how do you start writing?

When I was 14 years old as a result of a feeling which I can say, Eureka!

You have written two collections of poetry, ‘Jewel from the New World’, and ‘Destined by the Rhythm’. How do you feel when you first saw the hardcopy of your first book?

It was awesome.

Young writers are complaining for lack of publishing houses to publish their books. Have you ever try to get your books published through traditional publishers?

No, I haven’t.


Because self-publishing in this country is quite better. And it’s difficult to get your book published through these traditional publishers.

You tried to publish poetry is a unique way by connecting between science and poetry. Very few writers have done that, what inspired you to do that?

Most people believe that science is a man’s province and most African poems are much more concerned with cultural breakdown, marriage, divorce and so on. As a female I feel obliged to create something that will shed light for the upcoming poets.

Mathematics as a course was referred in most of your works, what was actually behind it?

I failed it, and my dream of becoming a medical practitioner was ruined.

What is your perception about writing and writers in the North?

A great tool for humanity even though we lack support, but we need to express ourselves through any possible medium for better.

You have presented some of your works in Dubai. How can you compare the quality of Nigerian writers’ works and that of Dubai?

It wasn’t a huge gathering of writers I met, but their quality and ours are somehow linked; you know how poetry is.

What support do you think writers are driving in a country like Dubai?

The support is much more than ours.

Some of your poems were recorded on CD for listening in what is called rendition. What inspired you to change your pattern?

For the listeners to enjoy beauty of poetry, it has to come directly from the poet’s lips.

How did the project went, and do you enjoy doing that?

Absolutely okay, though coming soon but I really enjoyed it.

Writers cannot succeed without a good promotion. Are you satisfied with the kind of book promotion going on in the country?IMG-20151129-WA0002


Any idea on how writers should be promoted?

Yes, for instance through developmental agencies and support from either government or non-governmental bodies which I can say we lack such.

Are we expecting a new book from you?

Yes, I am currently working on new sets of poetry collections.



  1. Congratulations to Safiyya and Zaharaddeen. While I was reading the interview, I expect Safiyya to tell us how she learn US or UK accent. I once hard her presentation, and she speakers like white lady.


  2. She would go places, therewithal, in contrast to popular believe, there are actually enough publishing houses/firms around, the issue is that many writers are too shallow and do not produce manuscripts that can compete in the market.


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