The human right activist, playwright author, and Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani pledges his support towards reviving reading culture and literature in the country through the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA). The Senator said this when a delegate of the association paid him a courtesy visit in his office at the National Assembly Complex in Abuja.12311156_543170289164935_6405823412730516308_n

The delegate was led by the new President of the association, Malam Denja Abdullahi who said the visit was to support the Senator in his plan to sponsor a bill on the National Endowment Funds for Arts at the National Assembly. According to Abdullahi, the fund if approved will boost the Arts and culture sector in the country.

Senator Sani was pleased with the visit which would boost his moral towards dedicating his time for the realisation of the bill. He attested that when he said, “As a representative of my people, Nigeria and also as a representative of Writers’ Association under ANA, I pledge to dedicate a substantial amount of my time in this Senate to the success of ANA.”

The Comrade accused political elites for the backwardness of the Nigerian literature and arts that used to be vibrant in promoting a peaceful nation. He also saw the destruction as a leading factor for the Nigerian youth inefficiency.

Sani argued that, “We can today say the intellectual deficiency of our young people is attributed to lack of reading. The culture of twitter and Facebook has created laziness in our youth.”

Many Nigerian writers commended the senator for finding time to attend writers’ event and his foresight to sponsor the bill that can address the problem of poor reading culture and at the same time promote Nigerian literature.


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