The Creative Writers’ Forum of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Kano state branch for the month of November was held at the American Corner, Kano on 28th November, 2015. Presentations of creative works were conducted in two rounds with both poetry and short stories. The forum sessions were found to be very interesting, with critical discussions of members entries.

The November forum was graced IMG_20151128_120213.jpgwith attendance of Kabura Zakama who was attending it for the first time. Other distinguished writers included, Tijjani Muhammad Musa, Dohemba Gwa, Binta Abbas, Maximum Bodmas, Amara “Ammar” Femoh Sesay and Zaharaddeen Kallah.

The first session began with a short story entitled, A Patient Dog eats the Fattest Bone by Saminu Abdulkadir. The short story taught a moral lesson for youth to exercise patience in life, which could lead to a successful life.

Other entries in the first session were poetry, and it included, No Rain in the Monsoon by Najib Shuaibu Toki, Leaders in Poetry by Amara “Ammar” Femoh Sesay, The Prophets by Ibn Taimiyya Muhammad Nur, My Family is filled with Love by Mukhtar Bashir Yusuf (Pilot), Yolkless by Maximum Bodmas and I’m Different by Tijjani Muhammad Musa.

The questions and comments session was so interesting with critiques of writers’ creative works in order to polish them. The young writers Ibn Tamiyya Muhammad Nur and Mukhtar Bashir Yusuf (Pilot) were encouraged to write and be attending the forum in order elegance their works.

Controversies arose from the works of Saminu Abdulkadir’s A Patient Dog eats the Fattest Bone and Bodmas Maximum’s Yolkless. Saminu Abdulkadir’s work was seen as a theme that was used over and over. But he was advised on the way to enrich the story so that it can be appreciated. While Bodmas was seen not in his maximum, simply because of the way he presented his works. But other group of writers debunked the assertion, and praised him for his work.

Second session also began with a short story entitled A Fascinating Dream! by Idris Musa Idris. It followed with a poem The way in my class by Ammar Rabiu Abdullahi (Dr). Others are short story entitled, The way I remember it by Doohemba Gwa, and poems, The words of man by Maximun Bodmas, The best time to understand me by Amara “Ammar” Femoh Sesay, Honesty is the Best Policy by Badamasi Garba Muhd, Clarion Call Ibrahim Yahaya Adam, and My Words Worth by Tijjani Muhammad Musa.

The session was also interesting with pleasant observations and critiques. Doohemba Gwa short story was his experience during recent ANA Convention that was held in Kaduna. Ibrahim Yahaya Adam’s Clarion Call was equally a recount of his National Youth Service Corps experience.

At the end of the event, young writers were advised to be patience and use the opportunity of the Creative Writers’ Forum in a positive way.


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